Giving Automated Fuzzing a Trial Run with Peach

I’ve never found my own bugs and written my own exploits and that’s a skill I’d like to develop. In that vain, I’ve been trying out the Peach 3 Fuzzer. Here are some of the tutorials I tried out: Fuzzing with Peach – Part 1 Fuzzing with Peach – Part 2 I also started writing […]

Writing an Encoder – Run an Executable From Memory

Recently I encountered a scenario where I needed to avoid local AV signature based detection. Unfortunately, the tools at hand were rather antiquated so I decided to write my own encoder. Below are two C++ files, the first is the encoder and the second is a decoder. The encoder takes an executable file as input. […]

How to Use Proxychains / Forwarding Ports

I was recently in an exercise requiring some pivoting. You know what’s really useful, but has absolutely no decent documentation anywhere!? Proxychains. I wrote a Code Project tip on how to use proxychains for simple pivoting. The article is hosted here: How to Use Proxychains

Model Checking

About the same time I wrote the aforementioned interpreter, I also was interested in the more mathy side of computer science. A fantastic mentor I had was deeply entrenched in reversing and got me involved in the applications of math to the more practical side of thing. In my quest to improve my mathematical ability […]

Lisp Interpreter

This project to is quite old… and also unfinished. It is a LISP interpreter! It will correctly evaluate simple LISP instructions however, it is buggy. I never finished it off so it will puke on the more complex instructions. I’ve considered going back to it a couple of times, but my recent interests have been […]

Fun With ARP

Just as every budding script kiddie does, I too discovered the magic of ARP poisoning. I mean, honestly who doesn’t find it amusing to intercept your college roommate’s request for and redirect it to something far more inappropriate. This project is definitely a work in progress. I wrote it using the winpcapy library for […]

PNG Image Steganography with libpng

This project was a little more recent. I couldn’t find any good examples of simple steganography tools that worked with encoding. I wanted to stego an the LSB (least significant bit) of PNG images. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any great code examples and to complicate the problem you can’t just change the last bit because […]

Duelist Crackme #5

The final challenge requires you to defeat a packed executable with copyright protection. I wrote this a long time ago and in hindsight there are a million easier ways to do this, but as I recall I wrote a loader, which injected a DLL, which registered a vectored exception handler that would break after the […]

Duelist Crackme #4

Duelist Crackme #4 requires you to write a a keygen to defeat the protection. Below are links to the files and the ruby script I wrote to complete the challenge. Duelist Crackme #4 Zip Keygen Solution