PNG Image Steganography with libpng

This project was a little more recent. I couldn’t find any good examples of simple steganography tools that worked with encoding. I wanted to stego an the LSB (least significant bit) of PNG images. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find any great code examples and to complicate the problem you can’t just change the last bit because most image file formats use encoding. I originally published this paper on CodeProject. Here’s a copy of the original source code and the paper I wrote explaining the code.

PNG Stego Source (Made with Visual Studio 2012)

PNG Image Steganography with libpng Paper

I also had quite a time getting libpng to cooperate. It required a lot of fiddling and the dependencies were a pain. If anyone else plans on using it here’s a copy of libpng ready to go for Visual Studio 2012.

libpng for VS2012

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