Fun With ARP

Just as every budding script kiddie does, I too discovered the magic of ARP poisoning. I mean, honestly who doesn’t find it amusing to intercept your college roommate’s request for and redirect it to something far more inappropriate. This project is definitely a work in progress. I wrote it using the winpcapy library for python one summer. It isn’t finished, but it will successfully ARP cache poison two nodes and you can watch the websites they go to. I think I also had a “spam the network” functionality in there somewhere hahaha. It will also scan a network for you and alert you what IPs are live. I meant to implement DNS cache poisoning, but never took it that far. I figure there are enough ARP cache poisoning programs out there without my adding to the mix :-D. If I ever finish it I’ll update the source here, but this one is probably shelved.

ARP Spoofer Source


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