IIS HTTP Error 500.19 – Internal Server Error Error Code: 0x80070005

In addition to the FTP server in my previous post I’ve also been trying to set up windows streaming media services, which also gave me a bit of a bizarre error. If you want to skip the explanation and you’re sure you have the same error just skip to the end where the icacls command is. The error is pictured below:



So there’s a bug here. I ran procmon to figure out what was going on and found the below:



Took a closer look and saw this:



So the user that IIS is attempting to use is IIS APPPOOL\Media. The apppool user has to have read access to the folder you are serving. What’s really bizarre is that if you attempt to add permissions to the user via the GUI, Windows will tell you that it can’t find the user. However, the user really DOES exist. What I had to do was use the icacls command to add the permissions. Example below:

icacls <folder_name> /t /grant “IIS APPPOOL”\Media:R

Make sure you don’t accidentally tack an ‘r’ onto the /grant otherwise the permissions of all the folders will be replaced instead of added to.

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