Icinga “ did not exit properly error”

I got this and it took some time to troubleshoot. The error is misleading. What it’s really telling you is that the plugin failed to execute properly. Here’s the catch, this includes warnings. So if you manually test the plugin from the command line outside of Icinga and it works, but gives a warning, when you run it with Icinga it will fail and throw the aforementioned error. To fix the problem, you have to fix whatever is in the code giving the warning.

Netint Plugin throws did not exit properly error

This was the specific problem I was having trouble with. I ran it on the command line and got some errors about an uninitialized variable. On line 2023  you’ll see a line with the variable $oid_perf_inoct. That is the offending variable. You need to add an additional if statement outside this one. Enclose the whole thing in an if block of

if (defined $oid_perf_inoct[$I]) {
//All that other stuff from the if block on line 2023

It worked for me after that.

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