Skyrim Hang on New Game and Crash When Loading Save After Modding Fix

If you want to skip the troubleshooting/problem diagnosis and get right to the fix, go the section “Fix Action”. Troubleshooting and Problem Diagnosis As you are no doubt aware if you’re reading this, modding Skyrim is a crash laden journey of sorrow. Recently, I ran into one of the more annoying crashes. I added some […]

Integer Overflow in Hearthstone

Integer Overflow Illustrated in Hearthstone How having over 2 billion health destroys the monster A friend recently showed me this video and asked what happened and I thought it was a perfect illustration of a classic problem in computer science – the integer overflow. At 8:25 the monster has a health of 1073744896. The player […]

Is the XCOM PRNG Broken?

So I sat down to play XCOM the other day. Great game for the most part. However, there were a couple of sequences where I would fire with 3 different soldiers at 90+% chance to hit and I would miss all three times. Well, when you do  the math on that ~.1^3 chance for that […]