Duelist Crackme #5

The final challenge requires you to defeat a packed executable with copyright protection. I wrote this a long time ago and in hindsight there are a million easier ways to do this, but as I recall I wrote a loader, which injected a DLL, which registered a vectored exception handler that would break after the […]

Duelist Crackme #4

Duelist Crackme #4 requires you to write a a keygen to defeat the protection. Below are links to the files and the ruby script I wrote to complete the challenge. Duelist Crackme #4 Zip Keygen Solution

Duelist Crackme #3

Duelist Crackme #3 is a checkbox copyright protection simulator. Defeating it requires a resource editor in addition to the normal tools. Duelist Crackme #3 Files Duelist Crackme #3 Tutorial

Duelist Crackme #1

I decided to put this website together to consolidate all of my pet projects. A long time ago I completed a crackme series. Here’s the first one I did, Duelist Crackme #1. Linked is a zip with the original crackme and a tutorial on how to complete it. Tutorial: Duelist Crackme #1 Tutorial Zip File: […]