Receive SNMP Traps with Icinga 2 on Ubuntu/Debian

Configure Icinga2 to Receive SNMP Traps on Ubuntu/Debian Warning I’m warning you up front, making this happen is a pain if you’re new to Icinga. I did my best to account for every nuance I ran into, but you may find something else. Feel free to comment if you need help. Introduction Unfortunately, there is no […]

Configuring Icinga for Cisco SNMP

Original Error: “CRITICAL – Plugin timed out while executing system call” I had a bit of trouble getting this to work so I thought I would share my solution. I initially followed the tutorial here. I basically wanted to Icinga to receive SNMP data from a Cisco 7200 I had set up. To begin, set up […]

Fusion Exploit Challenges Level00 Solution

Introduction Research I began by looking for the port level00 listened on. However, it was not in the source code. I found it by running a netstat -tulpn: From the output you can see level00 listens on port 20000. We could have also found this by setting a breakpoint on SERVE_FOREVER and examining the port […]

Protostar Exploit Challenges Final0 Solution

Introduction This challenge builds on two of our previous challenges. We must send data over the network to perform a traditional stack overflow. Beginning I began by running the server in gdb with the command set follow-fork-mode child so that I could see what was going on in the forked process. I then ran the command: python […]

Protostar Exploit Challenges Net1 Solution

Introduction This challenge is simply an inverse of the first network challenge. The net1 program will send you a number in network byte order (big endian) and you must convert it to little endian and send it back. The Code In my case, the read function in c seems to take care of network byte […]

How to Setup OpenVPN on Ubuntu 14.04

Below is a setup for OpenVPN on Ubuntu 14.04. With some modifications, it should work on most flavors of Linux  Much of the setup came from with a couple of modifications to work out any bugs I ran across. Keep in mind this is for a routed VPN. A good explanation of routed vs […]

How to Use Proxychains / Forwarding Ports

I was recently in an exercise requiring some pivoting. You know what’s really useful, but has absolutely no decent documentation anywhere!? Proxychains. I wrote a Code Project tip on how to use proxychains for simple pivoting. The article is hosted here: How to Use Proxychains

Duelist Crackme #3

Duelist Crackme #3 is a checkbox copyright protection simulator. Defeating it requires a resource editor in addition to the normal tools. Duelist Crackme #3 Files Duelist Crackme #3 Tutorial